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Our Approach

Aiming High

Advancing highly-differentiated anti-CD47 antibodies to treat cancer

At Arch Oncology, we are aiming high to discover and develop new antibody therapeutics to treat patients living with cancer. We are committed to advancing antibodies with best-in-class potential.

Our next-generation anti-CD47 antibodies are highly differentiated, with the potential to improve upon the safety and efficacy profile relative to other agents in this class.

Our antibodies work by blocking the “don’t eat me” signal, the standard mechanism of anti-CD47 antibodies. Beyond blocking this signal, our antibodies also both directly kill tumor cells and induce DAMPs (Damage Associated Molecular Patterns) resulting in Immunogenic Cell Death. Importantly, our antibodies bind preferentially to tumor cells, instead of to normal cells, and bind even more potently to tumors in their acidic microenvironment (low pH). Expanding our fight against cancer, we are advancing the clinical development of our lead anti-CD47 antibody AO-176 for the treatment of patients with cancer.

At Arch Oncology, we have two bases. Our headquarters is in Brisbane, CA, a gateway of biotechnology innovation, and our scientific research laboratory is in St. Louis, MO, home of the Gateway Arch.