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Target CD47 differently

AO-176 is an IgG2 CD47 targeted antibody, which blocks the “do not eat me” signal enabled by CD47’s interaction with SIRPa and induces phagocytosis. In addition;

AO-176 exhibits lower
binding to normal
cells in general and
negligible binding to
red blood cells
AO-176 shows enhanced
binding to CD47 in
acidic conditions, a
characteristic of the
tumor microenvironment
AO-176 induces
programmed and
cell death

These highly differentiated features of AO-176 offers a potential best-in-class profile


Advancing AO-176
for patients

We target CD47 differently, and given our lead therapy’s potential, we plan to develop AO-176 broadly. Backed by preclinical research and encouraging early clinical tolerability and activity, we are advancing AO-176 in Phase 1/2 clinical trials for patients with select solid tumors and hematologic malignancies.


Joining forces against
the archenemy

By targeting CD47 differently, we believe we can block cancer more efficiently. Through our science and data-driven development work, our goal is to block cancer to change the lives of patients. Our team won’t surrender until we do.