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Arch Oncology

Arch Oncology is focused on the discovery and development of new antibody therapeutics, with best-in-class potential, to treat patients living with cancer.

Arch Oncology’s next-generation antibodies are highly differentiated, with the potential to improve upon the safety and efficacy profile relative to other agents in their class. Our lead antibody, AO-176, works by blocking the “don’t eat me” signal for macrophages, a standard mechanism of other anti-CD47 antibodies. However, beyond blocking this signal, AO-176 has additional mechanisms including directly killing tumor cells and inducing DAMPs (Damage Associated Molecular Patterns) resulting in Immunogenic Cell Death. Importantly, AO-176 binds preferentially to CD47 on tumor cells, instead of normal cells, and binds even more potently in low pH conditions such as the tumor microenvironment.

AO-176 is in a multicenter Phase 1 clinical trial for the treatment solid tumors. Additional information about this trial may be found at www.clinicaltrials.gov using the trial identification number NCT03834948. AO-176 also has an active IND for a Phase 1 clinical trial for the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma. Information may be found for this trial using number NCT04445701 at the same site.

Arch Oncology has two locations. Corporate Headquarters is in Brisbane, CA, a gateway of biotechnology innovation, and the Scientific Research Laboratory is in St. Louis, MO, home of the Gateway Arch.

Developing best-in-class therapeutics for patients with cancer