Novel Anti-CD47 Therapeutics

Upregulation of CD47, a protein expressed on most tumor cells, acts as an immune checkpoint and allows tumor cells to evade immune surveillance by cells of the innate immune response such as macrophages (known as a “don’t eat me” signal). CD47 also plays an integral role in regulating the specific cells responsible for the adaptive immune system’s anti-tumor response. Therefore, by interrupting the tumor’s CD47 interaction with macrophages using an anti-CD47 “blocking” antibody, the checkpoint is released and both the innate and adaptive arms of the immune system are activated.

In addition to the blocking antibodies, Arch Oncology is pursuing novel second-generation antibodies which are unique among CD47 programs because of their ability to both block the “don’t eat me” signal and kill tumor cells directly (in a non ADCC mediated manner). Therefore, they not only act as immune checkpoint inhibitors but also selectively target tumor cells directly by inducing cell death.

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Arch Oncology is developing second-generation anti-CD47 antibodies with combined blocking and killing activities

Disruption of the CD47/SIRPα “don’t eat me signal” by Arch Oncology’s anti-CD47 Ab, leads to phagocytosis of tumor cell by macrophage

Anti-CD47 Second Generation Ab Directly Kills Tumor Cells (non ADCC)